Investment in the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an easy, prudent, convenient, and disciplined way to make investments to fulfill your life goals. Through the SIP of AMS Global 1st Regular Income Fund, you can invest a fixed amount of money every month for a specific time period. SIP also gives you the opportunity to ensure that your financial goal is achieved even in your absence.

Benefits of SIP

Tax Savings

Whether you make a one-time or regular investment in SIP, you can avail tax rebate on the full investment at the end of the fiscal year and thus implicitly amplify the return of your investment. Find out below how much tax you can save through investment in Mutual Funds:
Example: Based on an investor’s taxable income, if an investor invests the maximum allowable investment of BDT 300,000 for a tax rebate in SIP a mutual fund, he/she can save BDT 45,000 in taxes; implicitly earning 15.0% on your investment merely through tax savings. A detailed calculation is given below:

25% on Taxable Income i.e. BDT 1,200,000 = BDT 300,000
Tax will be saved BDT 45,000 (15% on BDT 300,000)
Return through tax savings 15%


If an investor starts investing early and for a longer period, he/she gets the benefit of compounding. The illustration below shows how an investor can accumulate greater wealth by starting investing early even with a small amount.